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Descaler kit for water ionizer

Submersible descaler pump for descaling all electric water ionizers. Perfect for ECAIA ionizer and AlkaBest.

  • Eliminates calcium deposits built up inside the appliance
  • Absolutely essential in areas with hard, calcium-rich water
  • Favors the longevity of all electric water ionizers
  • It is supplied together with the ECAIA ionizer
  • For easy and efficient descaling


This descaler pump is suitable for removing, in a particularly effective and long-lasting way, the calcium deposits that form over time in electric water ionizers. It is a continuous-flow pump and therefore particularly user-friendly. Electric water ionizers must be descaled with a frequency that varies according to the hardness of your tap water. If this value is between 1 and 4 (German degrees or dH°), descaling once every six months is sufficient. If, however, the degree of hardness is equal or superior to 30, the appliance must be descaled once every week.

Note: descaling can be done using citric acid or vinegar. Since vinegar can leave an unpleasant odor, we recommend using citric acid E330 dissolved in water. In this case, make sure that the mixture of citric acid and water presents a very low pH value, for a stronger descaling effect. In the presence of extreme calcium build-up, you should prolong the descaling process for at least 12 hours, changing the acid mixture regularly. In addition, you must ensure that the pump does not draw back in the dissolved scale. This simple procedure prevents the formation of calcium deposits in the appliance.


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