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Products Brochure ANACOS (IT) 10 pcs.

In the ANACOS brochure we present the SANUSLIFE alkaline natural cosmetics line and the highlights of each product. At the same time, the reader learns what differentiates ANACOS products from conventional cosmetics.

  • Information about the skin and the most important products to care for it in a naturally alkaline way
  • Easy to distribute
  • Conveys high value, credibility and trust
  • Compact and well-arranged
  • Environmentally friendly printing on natural and recycled papers
  • Scope of delivery: 10 pcs.
  • Language: Italian


Taking care of the body doesn’t just mean taking care of the inside, it also means taking care of the outside. Because the body excretes excess acids not only through the lungs, kidneys and bladder, but also through its largest organ, the skin. The ANACOS brochure informs what differentiates ANACOS products from all other products on the market in an impressive way. The reader learns the six reasons for ANACOS right away - one reason is the E-SMOG protection, a very special technology, integrated directly into the cosmetic to protect the product from negative information of electromagnetic fields. A must for anyone who wants to get to know the ANACOS product line offline and recommend it to those around them.

The contents at a glance:
- An informative intro with an introduction to the topic of skin care
- Six reasons why it pays to back ANACOS
- The presentation of the individual products and their highlights
- Mild cleansing of the body with ANACOS hair & body
- Alkaline care afterwards with ANACOS body lotion
- The ANACOS face cream enriched with the precious evening primrose oil
- The odor neutralizing cream with dolomite minerals ANACOS deodorant
- Hand care with jojoba oil ANACOS hand cream
- The ultra-cleansing bath salt with crushed dolomite rock ANACOS bath salt

Technical data:
- Scope of delivery: 10 pcs.
- Monolingual: German
- 4/4-color magazine printing
- Saddle stitching
- DIN A5 portrait format
- 16 pages
- Environmentally friendly natural and recycled paper


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