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ECAIA main filter S

Main cartridge for ECAIA carafe S. Essential for the production of ECAIA water.
Scope of delivery: 1 x ECAIA main filter S

  • High filtration performance of pollutants
  • The important minerals remain in the water
  • values of up to pH 9.5 and ORP of over -200 mV
  • Absorbs clorine, odors and colors
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The main cartridge ECAIA main filter S is essential for the ECAIA carafe S. It is inserted into the additional container from above.
The function of the main cartridge is divided into 2 sections:

First section: Clean
As with the ECAIA ionizer S, the filter technology by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL is used, which consists of a special mixture of different activated carbon granulates. The quality and filter performance of the activated carbon granulate have been optimized with the help of the raw material, the burning time and temperature as well as a special activator. Depending on the pollutant load of the water, a light to very high filter performance of heavy metals, hormones, plasticizers, pesticides, herbicides, and much more is achieved.

Second section: Mineral ionization
Special ceramics are used here, which are fired from natural minerals and metals. The knowledge of water treatment with minerals and metals goes back a long way. Ceramics were fired in China, Japan and Korea around 2000 to 3000 years ago. Later, functional ceramics were developed that can change the pH and ORP value of the water. SANUSLIFE has conducted numerous tests to obtain ceramic mixtures that are free of harmful substances. Unfortunately, there are many cheap ceramics that could pollute the water with harmful substances.
The functional ceramics of SANUSLIFE react on contact with water and enable mineral ionization. This chemical process gives the water the same properties as when it is treated by electronic water ionization. It becomes alkaline, antioxidant (electron rich) as well as rich in free hydrogen. Depending on the water source, values of up to pH 9.5 and ORP of over -200 mV can be achieved.

Scope of delivery: 1 x ECAIA main filter S

Durability of the main cartridge:
60 days or maximum 300 liters flow. This corresponds to an average of five (5) liters of filtered and ionized water per day.
It is recommended to change the cartridge after 60 days at the latest, regardless of whether the maximum flow rate has been reached or not. This guarantees optimum filter performance and greatly reduces the risk of bacterial growth. The ionization performance depends on the source of available water.


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