Starting is so easy…

SANUSCOMPANIES can be implemented quickly: just send your request, choose a package, create your Shop, and it’s done. You’ll immediately be seen by a throng of new Users. And after having set up your Shop, the first sales will not be long in coming….

Step by Step.

Send us your request with the registration form. Within 14 calendar days you will get a reply from us.

Once your request has been favorably evaluated, you will be offered the chance to buy one of our Entry Packages. After payment you will receive an email with the information for logging into the system. We then invite you to set up your Shop, entering your products in the database. Once your Shop is completely organized, and after approval by SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL, the products can be offered for sale.

When buying your products, customers can choose between the following payment options: bank wire Transfer, MasterCard, Visa, Sofort transfer, Maestro, Master Pass, Giropay, MangoPay, PayPal.

The shipment of goods will be carried out directly by your business. For you nothing will change, except that more orders will be generated through the SANUSSTORE distribution channel.

With access to our software, you can maintain a complete overview of all the ordering, inventory and invoicing processes. In addition, with the "SILVER" and "GOLD" Entry Packages, you will have access to a turnkey billing program. After you enter your company details, the program will automatically create the invoices. The customer can retrieve them at any time after logging onto his personal SANUSLIFE®{2}{3} INTERNATIONAL account.

The "GOLD" Entry Package offers the possibility of eye-catching advertising with large banners. These are displayed on both SANUSSTORE and SANUSWORLD as top headers. This promotion alone will increase your visibility tremendously.