Business for a good cause. Within the framework of SANUSCHARITY, selected aid projects are financed. The method of collecting funds is quite simple. And done automatically. With every purchase made in SANUSSTORE.

This is how it works:

1% (one percent) of the net sales generated by successful referrals of selected SANUSPRODUCTS flows into the SANUS-CHARITY-POOL, which is also fed by 1% (one percent) of the margin generated by successful referrals of products by STORE Partners.

Our Partner

The projects are realized in collaboration with the Foundation „Fondazione Butterfly onlus“. This organization has been active for more than ten years, mainly engaged in promoting projects focused on water supply and education.

Projects currently in progress

In cooperation with our partner, we constantly evaluate new aid projects. Once we have chosen one, we present it in full detail in our SANUSWORLD Community. In addition, brief reports are regularly published in our social media channels, including. YouTube, Facebook , Twitter, Google+.

Always up-to-date

Contact your referrer for the referral link and register today on our platform. Or simply follow us through the many social networks where we are present, to always keep up-to-date. In addition, you’ll learn which projects you can support with your purchases in SANUSSTORE.